Nicholas Beugg

Data Analytics and Marketing in International Markets

Nicholas Beugg is a marketing expert and entrepreneur. In the course of his career, he has helped multiple businesses increase their market visibility through strategic social media advertising. Most of his impact is felt by SMEs that he has helped grow market share through social media. Besides digital marketing, Nicholas is an entrepreneur with an eye for emerging opportunities. Over the last 10-years, he has founded and successfully run 3 companies in different industries. His strengths as an entrepreneur come from his strong organizational skills. He can organize people to achieve his dreams while actualizing theirs too. Collectively, the company’s he founded employ 80 people directly, and hundreds more indirectly. Nicholas is also an investor and has successfully invested in tech startups that have been a huge market success. Nicholas is also an investor in the stock markets.Outside of his business endeavors, Nicholas is an active philanthropist. He regularly gives to charities that help children and other at-risk groups and has given away thousands of dollars over the years.